Ask your local NHS chief executive to support staff to attend vital training

Nothing can remove families’ pain and grief following pregnancy loss or the death of a baby, but high-quality care from professionals at the time can have a huge impact on their wellbeing, in the short term and for the rest of their lives.

Providing bereavement care can be challenging for professionals who may feel unprepared and daunted. Specialist training is vital and helps boost their confidence and skills whilst also helping them look after themselves.

Our recent survey found that the vast majority of healthcare professionals who care for bereaved parents across the UK do not have mandatory access to this training and are not given time during working hours to attend it. 

As a part of our ‘Together, we are Sands’ campaign we’re asking NHS Trusts and Boards to ensure that staff who come in to contact with bereaved families have access to adequate training during working hours. 

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