Ask your MP to take action to reduce baby deaths

432 fewer babies would have died in 2019 if stillbirth and neonatal death rates for Black and Asian babies had been the same as for White babies, Sands has estimated.  

This year for Baby Loss Awareness Week, we’re asking MPs to write to the Minister, Maria Caulfield MP, calling on her department to fund an urgent enquiry into the deaths of Asian babies. 

Governments across the UK have committed to reducing baby deaths, and while overall rates have reduced, babies from minority ethnic backgrounds are still at an increased risk of death.

We know that confidential enquiries are really successful in driving down death rates and improving outcomes. An enquiry into the deaths of Black babies in the UK is already underway, but the Government must do more and find the money to secure a second enquiry into Asian baby deaths.

Funding a confidential enquiry into UK Asian baby deaths is a drop in the ocean financially when compared to the staggering billions of pounds per year spent by the NHS on maternity compensation claims.

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