Ask your Government to fix the staffing crisis and support bereaved parents 🏥

Although the Baby Loss Awareness Week debate has passed, we still need to urge the Government to fix the staffing crisis in maternity services, including in bereavement care.    

High-quality care from professionals can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of parents following pregnancy loss or the death of a baby. Maternity services around the UK are currently too understaffed and overburdened to provide this to all who need it. Sands estimates that on average each bereavement midwife only has two hours of work time to dedicate to each baby's death. This is simply not enough to support parents through the heartbreak of pregnancy and baby loss.  

You can help us influence change by asking your elected representative to write to your Government, demanding that they ensure that every hospital has enough maternity staff and bereavement care specialists.   

To get started, tell us which country you live in so we can find your local MP, MSP, MS or MLA. We have pre-written an email for you - all you need to do is add your details. 

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