#BLAW2020 - Both parents need access to pregnancy, maternity and neonatal services

This Baby Loss Awareness Week, please take action so that women do not have to attend difficult appointments alone.

Too many partners are still being excluded from pregnancy and maternity appointments and scans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaving women to receive bad news alone, and partners isolated outside the hospital, despite changes to NHS guidance. This is particularly distressing for people who are pregnant following a previous loss.

On neonatal units, parents have had access to their baby severely restricted. These factors all increase the sense of isolation experienced by parents who go through pregnancy and baby loss.

Some hospitals are leading the way, allowing COVID-safe access for both parents to pregnancy, maternity and neonatal services, but not enough of them. A recent survey showed that 40% of women are having to attend their 20-week scan alone. 

Find out what's happening where you live, and ask your local politicians to contact health bosses in your area to ask what measures they have in place to ensure that both parents can access maternity and neonatal services.